Expanded Love  

Revealing the Authentic You Through Dynamic and Compassionate
Life and Couples Coaching 


Best known for teaching core life skills through wisdom, compassion and playfulness, Shakti uses transformational techniques to engage you in a journey towards revealing your true potential. With her creative blend of intuitive empathy and emotional intelligence, she will collaborate with you to affirm your purpose and hold you accountable while you grow.

Previously, Shakti worked as a talent agent for 28 years, where she was able to incorporate her coaching skills by encouraging her actors to uncover the uniqueness of their talent, and embrace the success that came to them as a result. It was while working as an agent that Shakti decided to pursue her own need for self-discovery and traveled to Pune, India in order to study meditation and spiritual growth. There, she received the spiritual name “Shakti,” meaning power and strength. Her time in India opened her up to a new way of experiencing the world and ultimately lead her to the Hendricks Institute where she became a Certified Life and Relationship Coach. Shakti is also a certified Osho meditation teacher and facilitator.

Shakti specializes in creating a nurturing environment for her clients so that they may feel safe enough to break through ways they've been conditioned in the past, in order to find new success in their relationships and careers. She assists in areas including, but not limited to, overcoming soft addictions, learning to speak authentically, making conscious commitments, and engaging in authentic, healthy relationships. Shakti believes that when we surrender to change and transformation, we open ourselves up to a greater understanding of who we are and what we desire.

Contact: Shakti

Phone: 312 339 7881

Email: shakti@expandedlove.com

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