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What Couples have said about Shakti's - Couples Coaching

We are so glad we brought Shakti into our relationship in the early stages. Although Chris was initially apprehensive and a little resistant to opening up and divulging personal details, he quickly realized how beneficial it was and how much her coaching improved our connection. Her insight and clarity about our interactions helped us get closer and more transparent with each other.  

Now we both eagerly anticipate working with her every time.
  Kemery B & Chris D (Chicago, USA) 

My partner and I needed help in coming back together after a separation.  We were ready to be honest, real, and really learn to love and appreciate each other.  Shakti was and is the perfect coach!  She is so intuitive and accepting.  We were both blown away by how she doesn't miss a thing, calls out what we are avoiding, and does it with so much love and acceptance that we both feel safe and grateful.  I cannot recommend Shakti enough.  Seriously ... do you want the best relationship possible? 

Work with Shakti !!!!!
Mark L & Patrick Z (Chicago, USA)

What Individuals have said about Shakti's Coaching

I have had the pleasure of working with Shakti in both couples and individual coaching.  She is a loving presence with immense depth and perception.  She has the ability to see me fully and accurately, and can lovingly accept me exactly as I am.  At the same time she is forthcoming with her insights and she is a loving truth teller, and all in such a thoughtful and helpful way.  Plus she has an incredible set of tools and processes to move you along on your journey.  The end result was the ability to transform my life by creating a expanded vision for what I can become.  I am so blessed and grateful to have worked with such an inspired and gifted coach.  

Sharon U - (Chicago, USA)

Shakti is a gifted coach and facilitator. With Shakti you have no option, but to succeed.

Ranya V (Chicago, USA)

What Individuals have said about Satyam's Coaching

Every session with Satyam is an opening into new understandings about my Self and my growth. He creates a space where insight is naturally free-flowing, and his ability to pick up on non-verbal, as well as verbal cues deepens my process and very often helps me free myself from any “story” I may be telling myself. 

I believe everyone can use a life coach, but my great fortune in finding Satyam is that he assists me in recognizing my peace, in surrendering to Spirit and delighting in the result! I recommend Satyam’s coaching to anyone who is working on being present and aware, who wants a deeper relationship to God, and especially to anyone in the helping professions, where our own growth enhances our ability to serve. -

Andrea F. (Chicago, USA)

When I started coaching with Satyam I was feeling lost, dazed and confused. I was desperate for a change. Within the first few moments of meeting with Satyam I knew that I'd found someone who truly understands the human psyche. Satyam is one of those rare individuals who trusts his intuitive ability to tap into your innermost feelings and desires; combined with his ability to gently challenge and guide. I noticed significant shift in my thinking about many aspects of my life in a very short time. 

Even my husband and children noticed a difference in a couple of weeks. I am proud to say that Satyam has become my dear friend as I continue my journey of unfoldment.

Thank You Satyam
Kim M - (Melbourne, Australia)

When I first met Satyam, I was in a personal crisis and in just my first conversation with him, I began to feel at ease and gained some valuable clarity. Satyam said to me “You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now!”. This statement made me feel that what was going on my life was OK and the stress and anxiety I had about it, would pass also. His passion for making it simple and easy for me to understand cannot be understated. I have told him on many occasions, that he has a Gift from God. If you are reading this testimonial from me, then it is obvious that you are looking for a coach.

Look no further, you have come to right place.
                         Kevin H (Madison, South Dakota, USA)

Satyam has been born with a gift to inspire and guide you with his amazing connection to spirit and direction from a higher power. With his coaching I have set and achieved all my written goals and manifested great things, not only in my business but in my personal life as well. His ability to tap into your heart and soul and bring out all that you dream is nothing short of a miracle. His passion and belief in people and his accessibility, wherever he is in the world, makes no difference to his perfection in coaching. If you want your dreams to come true, you must have Satyam as your coach.  Satyam is so gifted, that together with him, you become a powerful team to achieve your dream! He is simply the best !!! Graham S (Sydney, Australia)

Satyam is an elevated spirit who assists his clients to reach beyond those boundary conditions and limits that we too often put upon ourselves. He guides you in a process of authenticity and truth. He works with the principle that you are the expert in your life thus having all you need inside you now to make the changes you desire to live the life you were born for. He is firm, gentle, articulate and extremely passionate. A rare gem! I recommend him in a heartbeat." 

Julie-Anne B (Melbourne, Australia)

Through his unique questioning style and intuitive insights, Satyam helped me broaden my view of myself while at the same time he gave me the tools in which I could discover my own ability.     
Kim K. (San Francisco, USA)

Satyam has an incredible gift to communicate with people from all areas of life                                                             
Mark O. (Canberra, Australia)

"A gifted teacher is an under-statement. Satyam is a man that can in one meeting change lives.  I know this because he has been that pivotal person in changing mine. My language, my purpose, my intention, my life, now functions with such clarity, direction and achievement.  What a wonderful world of boundless opportunities and everyday is now exciting to me. 

Thank you Satyam !! Debbie M (Melbourne, Australia)

The learning's, strategies and actions that were made available to me through being coached by Satyam, have changed my thinking and outlook on life. Whether it is personal, business, familial or social, my way of thinking these days, is a direct result of the guidance I received from him. I would encourage anyone to enhance their lives through the coaching skills of Satyam. He is and always will be a mentor and friend to me because no matter what occurs in my life he is always there for me. He ensures I grow from every experience and he believes in my success and of those around me. Go ahead, “Dare to be different”.  I cannot speak highly enough of Satyam as he has been my greatest investment in personal growth.

Bradley D (San Remo, Australia) 

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